Though the legal age of casting a vote is 18 there are some people who still have some growing up to do. Many girls live under the misunderstanding that they are dating a man but the reality is entirely different. So, the question is how to identify this man-child? Well, we are here to the rescue. Now you can identify a boy a lot easier.

1. Doesn’t care about anybody else

This is really true. When it comes to a man, he knows that everything doesn’t concern him but if you are dating a boy then, well, you already know the truth.

2. No compromise

This is the biggest point that differentiates a man from a boy. A grown-up knows how to compromise. But a child will never do it. If you are dating a boy then you know how he loves his comfort zone.

3. Lack of interest

He will never feel comfortable when he’s not in his comfort zone. He will definitely light up the environment when he’s with his friends. Isn’t it a boy thing? A man knows how to mingle up.

4. Can’t fix anything

This is a bit on the stereotypical side but a man is expected to know certain things. But if your guy’s a boy then all the best.

5. Selfish in bed

Well, this is what is expected of a boy. If you are dating a man, he will know that it’s a two-way street.

6. Won’t take a stand for you

When it comes to a boy, they just care about themselves and will never take your side. That’s not the case with a man. So, if you relate to this, stop dating him.

7. Gives up

A man knows how to struggle. But a boy will lose sweat with the slightest of a problem. Get ready to manage the boy you are dating.

8. Blame game

Seriously good luck if you are trying to blame something on him. A man will always take the blame but a boy will become defensive. I can’t imagine dating someone like this.

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