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How to Bypass Facebook Photo verification 2016

hi guys today i will tell you how you can solve photo verification . Photo Verification is much difficult method for verify own profile .if you have Facebook ID and you have no friends in it then Facebook will not ask for you verification and you will upload a just ID card or Passport .Bypass Facebook Photo verification
so if you have 40  Plus Friends in your account then facebook will ask for you photo verification many people do not know how they can solve problem so today i will tell you how you can verify own profile without Photo verification .


Bypass Facebook Photo verification

this method when you will use facebook will not ask for you for photo erification

in this method you will use Japan Proxy on Firefox Software

Step1 open Firefox browzer

                                    Step2: go to  Tool>option>advance>network>setting>Manual Proxy



                                                         Step3: Add proxy ==>


this method you can verify you profile facebook will ask for you just your date of birth remeber you shoul remember your account date of birth . if you difficulty for this methood comment below i will help you 



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