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How to Bypass Facebook Phone verification 2016

today Facebook have announced own policy they will not tolerate fake accounts on Facebook and they will blocked all Facebook accounts from google but this news is dangerous for those people who made fake accounts for posting,For Girls Friends and boyfriends .you can registered one account on one mobile number if you want make 20 Facebook accounts you should have 20 mobile numbers then you can registered 20 Facebook accounts . so due to this policy Facebook become boring now a days and no one more use Facebook . Fakeness is also part of Entertainment but Mark Zuckerberg do not Know this. and they have also start Id card verification people do not want give Id card to Facebook . and for Muslim countries specially Girls do not upload Photo on Facebook because religion do not allow to show own face own Social media . so Id card verification is tough system in Facebook for Muslim countries.Bypass Facebook Phone verification 2015

so today i will tell you how you can alot of accounts on facebook without own mobile numbers you have. yes you can make alot of account on facebook you just follow some steps in My site.

Steps are below

1.visit This Site K7 Site

2.Sign up and registere Your Number 

This site give you a USA base number and this Site give you Voice mail Service

you will see the number like this

Copy this Number and save it and now login you Facebook new or old account which need facebook Mobile verification

now login you Facebook Account you will see this Message in your Facebook wait wait i want tell you when you open your Facebook account so your IP adress should be USA because K7 number is usa base so you should install Zenmate or Hola Extension in Chrome Browzer.

and open Zenmate and hola extention USA

then you can see in Facebook Call message option without proxy you can not see call option like this

i have highlitght Giving me call this option should show then you can receive call in K7 inbox and this will enable when you use above extension sometime it will not show even you use extension then do not worry when you click enter mobile number button many time it will show like this .

enjoy this method Bypass Facebook Phone verification 2015 if you need any help message me anytime

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  • This is a BULLSHIT scam, k7 asks you for a 4 digit password, and your email. Then when trying to login it says your password is bs and all passwords are 6 or more digits. It is a fucking scam for them to get email addresses.

  • major problem is that facebook only sending text messages and do not show call option. i use proxy but result same. plz tell some similar site for text receiving

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