Ladies, ladies! From being the cutest girls in their house to becoming the adult young ladies, their lifestyle and habits change.

Women have their own way of showing the beauty and fitness with the help of some external things they use. But one thing is for sure, they never forget to stay attractive. Unlike men, women too spend a noteworthy amount of money to look young, beautiful and hot. And why not? I don’t think anything is wrong in it.

Afterall, whatever they use, they are always successful in appealing the eye. For whatever color they have, whatever choice of clothes they have and whatever shape their bodies are made up of. Believe it or not, whatsoever may be the scenario, things have changed significantly from time to time. From being the innocent girls they were to becoming the secretly perky ladies, beauty augmentation has definitely become an important thing to include. Although most are fake products that they use, so let’s look at them.

1. Body shapers

This is the best option available when you want to hide that plunging belly of yours without working out and look good in the dress you bought. Just wear it and your belly will no longer embarrass you.
2. Eyelashes

Eyelashes enhance the beauty of a woman’s eyes and who doesn’t want to have long and fuller lashes?! There are fake eyelashes available that you can easily put with the help of the glue that comes with it. And voila! Now you have a perfect eyelash.

3. Hair extension

The first thing that people notice in a woman is her hair. Long and silky hair is just to enhance the beauty of yours but if you don’t have good hair then you can go for hair extensions to get long and shiny hair.

4. Nail extensions

Nail extensions are very much in trend these days and the ones who have long nails can easily make nail arts which makes it look more attractive. You can opt for any color or design of extra nails available in the market.

5. Fake nipples

These days the fashion trends are extraordinary. There are fake nipples that are available in the market to be used by women. You just have to stick it on your areola. It is usually made of latex and silicone. It’s surely going to make you look super hot and attractive.

6. Sticky panties

Forget about those visible panty lines that ruin the look of your dress. You can use peel and sticky panties that you can flaunt in any dress accordingly and easy to use and make you look hot. Peel it from the back portion and stick it, and then peel from the front side and stick carefully.

7. Sweat blocking wipes

This is helpful for people who sweat a lot. Now you don’t have to worry about that sweat stain that spoils your T-shirts. The fact that it’s safe and combined with towelette makes it perfect to use.

All you have to do is open one of the sweat block pockets and press firmly around the hairline of your underarms and let it dry. Do it once a week and you won’t have to worry about that sweat anymore.

7. Tattoos on the private parts
And that’s a muse of only a selective group of women. Getting themselves inked in the most private parts and becoming one sex symbol is the hobby of some women. That makes them look sexy.

8. Cosmetic surgery

We all grow old and our bodies change with time. Botox is very popular these days among females, it is to treat the certain muscular condition and cosmetically remove wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing muscles. Women even go for plastic surgery to get the desired shape of any part of their body.

9. Fake curvy hips

Women like curvy hips and if you are the one who doesn’t have curves, you can get these Fake curvy pads that are available in different sizes. They are made of both foam and silicone so you can choose the one you want and wear it under your clothes to get a perfect round ass.

11. Toe lingerie

Women love tidy and soft hands and feet. Toe lingerie is something that will enhance the beauty of your feet even more. Now girls, rock your recently done pedicure feet and look amazing.

12. Hair streaks

You can look totally different by using colorful extensions. Women use colorful streaks of hair to put in between their hair and look hot as adding colors to your hair makes you look different and sexy.

13. Navel piercing

Some women have this urge to look different by opting for navel piercing as it is a really sexy trend to follow.

14. Fake eyebrows

Eyebrows are definitely a necessary part of a woman’s face. It adds glam and extra advantage to your face. Some women who lack a good eyebrow can opt for a fake eyebrow to enhance their facial feature.

15. Collagen injections on lips

To get fuller, plumper lips some women go for collagen injections. An injectable dermal filler that is used for lip augmentation.

That’s all folks!

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