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Full secret Trick How to Make money From Facebook

Facebook Is Huge Plate form for advertiser alot of using this plate form for earning purpose Facebook is biog social media and billions of people online at any time if you have a good audience mean if you have page and group then you can easy Make money From Facebook .

Today i will tell you trick how you can Make money From  Facebook  Lets suppose if you have Facebook account and you have friends 5000 you make Group and add those friends in that group and you can also page Facebook page and invite all friends in that page page topic should be specific name and slowly slowly you can increase your Group friends and Page audience

Lets suppose if you page have  Celebrity name .you can Monetize Amazon product you can Contract Amazon if you have good audience in your page and if you post product of Ebay and Amazon for 5$ if will be best for you .

And you can also earn money Short Links is best and famous  Link if You post any shorter link on Facebook and give to 5$ every 10,000 Visit if you Daily upload 100 plus link on good and excellent topic you can earn Huge amount of Money Through Facebook . but first you should increase Your Facebook audience then you can earn good amount Of Money here .

i Have  mention list of earning source through facebook

1.     Shorter links method
                                                                2.    Amazon and Ebay method
                                                                3.    Google Adsense method
Google Adsense is best Make money From Facebook And Google but Note That Your Article should not copy right and You article Content must Rich and Original then you can Earn money from Google Adsense program easy .

You can promote own personal Business on Facebook in groups and pages for example if you have garments Business and you can post ads on Facebook page and Group and show picture of t shirts . then you can gain alot of customer easy.

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